January 19, 2017 David Weeks

How to change a lens correctly



This is a response to a misleading video we found online. Camera equipment is fragile and should be handled correctly.

I couldn’t watch this video (follow the irk) to the end:


The above link is from a website promoting a product that looks good in theory, but is a nightmare in practice. Below is David’s written response, along with a video he made explaining a better method to change lenses:

Here is an informative video we made on how to correctly change a lens.

When changing a lens ,switch off and wait 5 seconds for static to stop
Then change lens ASAP to avoid dust being sucked onto the mirror and open parts.
It’s only time till the dust is all over the sensor cmos receiving plate (unless you want to spend your life spotting in photo shop)
Use or don’t use our advice, it’s your call.
Personally I never change lenses unless I have to without an assistant waiting with a capped lens in front of the body .
Remember to wait five seconds
Remember keep the change smooth so as not to chip the waterproof rubber at the back of your lens if you have one ( generally found on L series lenses )
Our changes never leave the camera OR lens open for more than a second. Always keep your camera and lens openings perpendicular to the ground.
Yes, gravity generally drops all sorts of kak into your lenses and straight into your camera on return.
Obviously get out of dusty and windy places.
Changing lenses on your lap on the beach with the dog running around you is not ideal either.
Seriously we had a lovely student return a camera full of sand after her first lens change .True story