While the media are constantly bombarding us with unrealistic images of what ‘sexy’ is, real women have been left out. Too many women have insecurities about their bodies, feeling as though they have to match up to a societal opinion of what they feel they should conform to.  Before we continue, we would like to set the record straight. Sexy is not necessarily a fifteen year old model pretending to be a thirty year old in the fashion pages. It is not just a pretty face trying to sell a car in a magazine. Sexiness is a celebration of life. Sexiness is confidence. And while you may feel nervous at the beginning of your shoot, we guarantee that you will be walking on clouds by the end of it. At the end of the day, real women can have boobs and hips. We are not trying to subscribe to some Hollywood ideal. Some women have curves, and some do not. Each woman has her own different smiles or laughs – some signal she is nervous, some that she is relaxed. Each has her own way of flicking her hair. Each scar or stretch mark has a story.

Sometimes, you don’t need a story.
So what makes you, YOU?
What does your partner like the most about you?

We love working with real women. And we like finding the woman that is sometimes hidden behind work, the school run, grocery shopping and keeping all of life’s balls (and curve balls) in the air.
Our shoots are sensual and suggestive. Tasteful. A celebration of YOU.

Communication is an integral part of our business.You will never be made to do something that you are not comfortable with – all shots are discussed with you beforehand. We will never do a shoot that we are not comfortable with either. Poses are never ever explicit, and never head in the direction of poor taste. We encourage you to give a us a call before your shoot so we can
discuss the look and feel that we are looking for. Before you do, we have some frequently asked questions, so we are going to put them here. If you can’t find the answers here, please drop us a line [email protected]

I never look good in front of the camera – should I still book a shoot?

There is a significant difference between casual photos taken by someone with a camera at the family braai, and going to a skilled, talented professional
with a proven track record. Dave is an absolute pro. He has been shooting professionally for nineteen years. He has the best equipment, and his lighting techniques are superb. Apart from his creativity, his technical skill is unquestionable. He will carefully light you so that you look your best., and ensure that any less than stellar body parts do not take centre stage. In terms of the finished product, we do photoshop. Our design team are highly skilled and can do anything. We chose to make you a better version of your self. We remove pimples, and soften lines, skintones and scars. You will still be recognisable as yourself. We will not make you three sizes smaller and make your waist disproportional to the rest of your body, as you still have to be true to yourself. If you have a bit that needs some extra attention, please let u sknow, and we will let you know what we can do.There is no point in choosing to have beautiful photographs done of yourself to create a lasting memory and then asking us to change everything. This is a celebration of the journey that your body has travelled until this moment in time.

Should I book hair and make-up done?

Absolutely. You are spending money on professional photographs, so definitely get hair and make-up professionally done. Depending on how many different looks you are doing in your shoot, you may want to book the makeup artist to stay so that you can change your look once or twice to complement your outfit. This shoot is to create the best version of you….and a little make-up never hurts.
Also bear in mind that photographic make-up is different to your day to day make-up, so it is better to leave that aspect in the hands of someone who knows what they are doing.
If you do not know any make-up artists, we will happily recommend some for you. You will be required to bring cash on the day to cover their costs, and pay them directly. Please ensure that you allow enough time before the shoot for the make-up artist to work his/her magic with enough time to get to the shoot on time. We can help you in organising the times if you need us to.
Don’t waste your make-up! Organise a girls night out after your shoot and bask in the attention from your envious friends! Relax and just enjoy the whole experience. We hear of so many women who want to do a shoot like this –but then never quite get around to it.

How far in advance should I book my shoot?

Booking your shoot 2-3 months in advance is ideal. Please bear in mind that we do have times of the year that are busier than others, so if you would like your shoot to be ready by Christmas or Valentines Day, then you will need to schedule your shoot with enough time for us to shoot and edit. While we will always try and accommodate if we can, please be aware of the fact that
express fees will be charged if we are given a tight deadline.

How long after the shoot will the pictures be ready?

After your shoot, we will make an appointment for you to come through and select your images. At this appointment, depending on the number of photographs chosen, you will be given an estimate if when you can expect to see the finished product. Please bear in mind that this will take into account not just the editing, but the presentation that you have chosen. You can opt to
have an album made, or a beautiful box presentation. At this meeting, your final bill will be tallied up includng all your choices. As soon as this is settled, editing will begin.

Why would I consider doing a boudoir shoot?

To give a different gift to your partner, get that extra boost of confidence, and remind yourself that you are not just a wife/worker/mom. Your inner spirit is still there. Depending on your reasons for the shoot, it could serve as a lovely reminder of a time in your life. While many women do a boudoir shoot just before their weddings, many others book a shoot after completing a fitness
challenge, or reaching a life goal. Every time you look at the pictures you will be taken back to that time.

How long does the shoot last?

This depends on which package you choose. You can opt to upgrade, depending on our schedule on the day.

How do I get the pictures?

Edited pictures are presented on a disc, and you can opt to have an album designed if you wish. We also offer a box option with your pictures mounted on cardboard and placed in a lovely, stylish box. Please note that unedited pictures are not released. David is a professional, and releases his best work where your finished product does him credit.

What should I bring to the shoot?

Three outfits should be sufficient. You are welcome to bring more, but may not have time for everything, so please ensure that you bring out your favourites first! Accessories are as important as the outfits themselves. Pack hats, scarves, fabrics. Don’t forget your high heels! Necklaces and bracelets are also a must. If there is a sentimental piece of jewellery that your partner has given you,
please include it in your packing, and be sure to mention it to Dave. Does your man have a favourite shirt? Perhaps include that in your shoot as well. Pay attention to your nails – in some poses, your hands may be a feature, so try and avoid chipping your nails before the shoot! If you have a theme for your shoot – bridal, Valentines, or a James Bond-style shoot, please ensure that you remember your props! We shoot a wide variety of themes, but do not carry a range of outfits. When planning your shoot, please give us a call, and we will let you know what we have that is available for you to use.

Can I bring a friend to the shoot?

Of course you can. One friend is more than welcome (more will be too much of a distraction). Inviting a friend to the shoot may help you relax more, and that is the whole aim – the more comfortable you feel, the better your shoot. If you would like to bring your partner instead of a friend, you are more than welcome to do so. You can also include him in a few shots as well (there may be a small extra charge for this, as it is an extra face to photoshop).  In terms of people on-site during the shoot, David does not work on his own with his models, but will be accompanied by his assistant (female for these shoots).  If you want to bring a bottle of bubbly to your shoot, let us know, and we’ll organise the glasses and chocolates! We look forward to giving you a great photographic experience and a finished product that is better than you hoped for.